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Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil improve a number of cardiovascular risk factors, including lowering of atherosclerotic burden, reducing triglyceride levels and blood pressure, and improving platelet and vascular function.1-4 Not only do these fatty acids modulate risk factors, but controlled clinical trials have shown them to be effective in preventing cardiovascular events, and coronary events, particularly in persons at high risk.5,6

EPA and DHA also support cognitive function through multiple mechanisms, as they are indispensable to neuronal membranes, with lower levels found to be not only a marker for neurological disease, but also a risk factor for cognitive impairment.7,8 EPA and DHA are essential to the resolution of inflammatory processes, providing the substrates for anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, resolvins and protectins.9-11

Benefits have also been shown for improving overall health, including a wide variety of cardiovascular, inflammatory, and autoimmune conditions, ranging from cardiac arrhythmias, eczema, and inflammatory bowel disease, to pregnancy and breastfeeding support, rheumatoid arthritis, and neurodegenerative disease.12-17 Improvements in cognitive function have been established among youth and adolescents with ADHD, with improved mood and slower cognitive decline among the elderly.18-20 Meta-analyses of randomized trials found supplementation improved lipids and HbA1c as well as reduced proteinuria among diabetics, and enhanced insulin sensitivity among individuals with at least one symptom of a metabolic disorder

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