Bone Matrix (90 caps)

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Osteoporosis affects at least 1 in 3 Canadian women in their lifetime. When including the 1 out of every 5 males that are also affected by the disease, this translates to over 2 million Canadians at high risk for bone fractures with a reduced quality of life, decreased mobility and lack of independence. Fortunately, diet and lifestyle have been shown to play a large role in the progress of the disease, allowing for modifiable and proactive risk mitigation.

Calcium is by far the most well-known nutrient required for strong and healthy bones. Of note, calcium can be delivered in many different forms such as citrate, carbonate, bisglycinate, malate or even in a hydroxyapatite complex. Hydroxyapatite complexes offer the advantage of also delivering various growth factors that support bone structures, yet they provide possibly unnecessary and excess phosphorus, poor calcium bioavailability and a calcium supplement that is unsuitable for vegan populations. On the other hand, calcium bisglycinate and calcium malate have demonstrated superior absorption and bioavailability while offering a vegan-friendly option to address osteopenia and osteoporosis.

One of the more unique nutrients for bone health is silicon, a mineral with the ability to regulate fibroblast activity and hydroxylation enzymes. Epidemiological evidence supports the role of silicon in preventing osteoporosis while supplemental silicon has been shown to increase the collagen content of bone and improve bone mineral density. The problem is that most forms of silicon are insoluble, unstable and poorly bioavailable. The exception to this grouping of organosilicon molecules is monomethylsilanetriol (MMST), a fully stable and well-absorbed form. Comparative studies have shown that MMST is 3.5-times better absorbed than choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (Ch- OSA), and 21-times better absorbed than horsetail, bamboo and colloidal silicon sources, making it an excellent choice for optimal bone health.

This formula is rounded out with the nutrients needed to support the bone building process. Vitamin D3 is essential for calcium absorption from the digestive tract, while about 50-60% of all magnesium is actually stored in the bones and it is needed to activate enzymes related to vitamin D3 metabolism. Vitamin K2 has emerged as a key player in the bone health category, with its ability to activate two proteins, osteocalcin and matrix-GLA protein, in order to shunt calcium in the direction of the skeletal system and away from the cardiovascular system. Trace minerals such as zinc, manganese and boron also play crucial roles. Zinc and manganese are cofactors for several enzymes involved in bone formation, while boron prevents calcium excretion through the kidneys. Various combinations of all of these nutrients have been shown to positively affect bone mineral density markers.

Cyto-Matrix’s Bone-Matrix provides the most essential nutrients for bone health in highly stable and absorbable forms, all in a completely vegan, soy-free product. Bone-Matrix offers calcium and magnesium in a well-balanced 2:1 ratio and in their highly bioavailable amino acid chelate forms. In addition, a soy-free vitamin K2, a vegan-sourced D3, MMST silicon, zinc, boron and manganese complete the formula
for comprehensive support. At only three capsules per day, Bone-Matrix is designed to include the foundational nutrients for the skeletal system while encouraging patient compliance.

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