Chromium Matrix (120 caps)

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Poor insulin signaling and irregular blood sugar levels are not only hallmark contributors to a number of diseases, but also to a decreased quality of life with mood swings, erratic food cravings and energy crashes. Insulin resistance is perhaps the most troubling outcome of this continued progression. Insulin resistance occurs when the tissues are no longer responsive to insulin’s signal to lower blood sugar, and this is a common pathophysiological feature in a number of conditions including metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome and cognitive decline, to name a few. Essential minerals like chromium help to prevent this pathophysiological progression.

Research has demonstrated that chromium, in various forms, is capable of reducing insulin resistance and decreasing the risk of subsequent health concerns such as metabolic syndrome. Chromium is essential because it is necessary for lipid, carbohydrate, protein and corticosteroid metabolism. Although chromium picolinate is best recognized and studied for its ability to improve blood sugar control, chromium bound to nicotinic acid and glycine offers a number of advantages.

Firstly, the intestinal absorption rate of chromium is generally very low. Delivering chromium in a chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate overcomes this issue to offer superior digestive tolerability and absorption. Secondly, niacin and glycine each offer benefits for blood sugar regulation. For example, providing glycine before a meal has been shown to blunt the corresponding rise in blood sugar. Niacin, on the other hand, is well-known to support healthy lipid balance, but when bound to chromium, it has also been demonstrated to improve weight and body composition.

Chromium Matrix with Vanadium contains chromium nicotinate glycinate with additional vanadium to increase insulin sensitivity at the tissue level. It offers one of the most efficient delivery forms of chromium for optimal blood sugar and insulin regulation.

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