Complete Collagen Peptides (250 grams)

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Collagen is a major component of our connective tissue and plays a role in the health of our overall physiology. Collagen is responsible for keeping our bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons and organ systems healthy.

Complete Collagen Peptides contains a unique blend of Type I and Type III bovine peptides known as PeptiPlus® Bioactive Collagen PeptidesTM. These peptides are designed to support complete collagen synthesis throughout the body (joints, bones, soft tissue, the intestinal tract, skin, hair and nails). Research indicates the integrity of our tissue can be maintained and improved by supplementing with collagen peptides. However, not all collagen is created equal.

The molecular weight distribution, specific amino acid sequencing and the bioactivity of collagen peptides become factors in effectiveness and ability of peptides to stimulate endogenous collagen synthesis. Complete Collagen Peptides is unique in its formulation. A complete range of peptides that are bioactive in form. Ideal for a well rounded approach to improving collagen production throughout the body. The molecular weight of these peptide chains are standardized to contain predominantly small peptides that allow for optimal absorption.

This complete collagen peptide formula helps counterbalance methionine levels in the methylation cycle, lower inflammation and improve extracellular matrix production in a wide variety of tissues. This blend of hydrolyzed peptides has proven to be beneficial for joints, bones, skin and soft tissues. These peptides are sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows and free from added hormones and antibiotics.

Complete Collagen Peptides contains 250 grams (50 servings) of complete bioactive collagen peptides per container. 1 scoop provides 5 grams. 1-2 scoops per day is recommended. Mixes well and has minimal taste.

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