Osteo-Matrix (90 caps)

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Although calcium has been the leading mineral for bone health for decades, it’s time to widen the lens when it comes to the prevention and treatment of osteopenia and osteoporosis. More recent evidence has elucidated the critical roles of other key minerals and vitamins for optimal bone mineral density. Specifically, magnesium, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are shown to each be beneficial for bone health in various human clinical trials.

These three nutrients have unique and interconnected relationships that support calcium regulation and bone growth. For example, vitamin D3 is needed for calcium absorption from the digestive tract, while magnesium is needed to activate enzymes related to vitamin D3 metabolism. In fact, individuals that are magnesium-replete are much less likely to be vitamin D3 deficient. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, is crucial for the proper distribution of calcium into the skeletal system and away from the cardiovascular system. It does this through its ability to activate two proteins, osteocalcin and matrix-GLA protein, thereby shunting calcium in the proper direction. As you can see, a deficiency in any one of these nutrients can disrupt the overall balance in the body and have a negative impact on bone health.

Cyto-Matrix’s Osteo-Matrix provides a blend of magnesium bis-glycinate chelate and magnesium oxide. This magnesium bis-glycinate blend is designed to offer a high-dose of elemental magnesium in a well-absorbed and well-tolerated form that is superior to magnesium salts. Vitamin D3 is delivered in a vegan-friendly form, sourced from the blue-green algae known as lichen. Vitamin K2 is found as K2Vital, a patented non-soy derived MK-7 that is microencapsulated with a starch bilayer for superior protection and stability.

This formula purposefully excludes calcium. Osteo-Matrix is ideal for practitioners and patients that want to avoid supplementary calcium or have medical reasons to be concerned about excess calcium intake. For individuals that do choose to supplement their diet with calcium separately, Osteo-Matrix allows for a tailored and adjustable calcium to magnesium ratio.

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