Prenatal Formula (120 caps)

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Proper fetal development demands a high level of nutritional support support from the mother. A healthy and balanced diet is the most important step to ensure that these demands are met. However, specific nutrients are needed in greater amounts and supplementing with a well-formulated prenatal multivitamin complex is recommended to decrease the likelihood of fetal complications and common pregnancy symptoms for the mother.

Adequate intake of vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, is perhaps the most well-known nutrient requirement during pregnancy. For the past few decades, folic acid has been fortified in grains because it is well-recognized to decrease the risk of neural tube defects. Unfortunately, the synthetic folic acid used in the fortification process may not be sufficient for many women that are unable to efficiently convert into the active 5-methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) due to genetic polymorphisms. For this reason, 5-MTHF is the preferred form for supplementation during the critical fetal development period.

Like folate, iron plays a crucial role in healthy development. Iron is in extremely high demand during pregnancy as it is needed to make hemoglobin and new blood for the fetus. If this nutritional demand is not met, iron-deficiency anemia is a common concern during gestation. It can present as fatigue in the mother and increase the risk of early labour and low-birth weight for the fetus. Choosing an iron that is well-absorbed but also well-tolerated on the digestive tract is of utmost importance for many women who already suffer from nausea and constipation in pregnancy.

Aside from the well-established greater needs for folate and iron, many other micronutrients, vitamins and minerals can help to reduce potential health risks during pregnancy. For example, selenium is crucial for thyroid function and women with low selenium or thyroid levels have been shown to have higher risks of miscarriage. Choline is a lipotropic nutrient that positively influences stem cell proliferation and brain and spinal cord formation. Although folate is often referenced for its importance in nervous system development, women that are deficient in choline actually have four times the increased risk of neural tube defects. Finally, calcium and magnesium are important minerals to decrease the risk of common pregnancy-related conditions such as preeclampsia, leg cramps and heartburn.

Cyto-Matrix’s Prenatal Formula contains a balanced blend of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal pregnancy support and prenatal development. These nutrients are in their active and highly bioavailable forms, such as mixed tocopherols, methylcobalamin, pyridoxal- 5-phosphate, selenomethionine and citrate salt minerals. A full daily dose of Prenatal Formula provides 45mg of elemental iron to prevent iron-deficiency anemia and 1mg of 5-MTHF for optimal fertility outcomes.

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