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A complete B complex formula designed for the unique needs of athletes and women*

B-Complex #6 contains a balance of essential B vitamins, including methylated B12 and folate, with added B6 for sports performance and hormone-balancing support. *

NSF Certified for Sport®


  • B vitamins in their active, tissue-ready forms*
  • The methylated forms of B12 and folate (5-MTHF) benefit individuals who have a specific gene mutation*
  • Ingredients are not derived from yeast
  • NSF Certified for Sport®


  • Supports the rapid release of cellular energy by promoting creatine conversion. *
  • Aids in building muscles by supporting the metabolism of amino acids and protein synthesis. *
  • Reduces muscle spasms and cramps by increasing the bioavailability of magnesium. *
  • Optimizes a pre-competition mindset by supporting a balanced mood and helping to reduce “pre-game jitters.” *
  • Benefits neurotransmitter synthesis and neurological function. *
  • Supports positive mood and helps balance fluid retention, common in PMS. *
  • Replenishing essential nutrients that can become deficient with the use of birth control and other medications. *

Who can benefit: 

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to support training goals
  • Individuals seeking extra neurological support from their B-complex*
  • Anyone wanting to optimize energy levels*
  • Women who utilize hormonal birth control methods or experience symptoms of PMS*

Because an athlete needs to know that his or her supplements are trustworthy and compliant, every batch of an NSF Certified for Sport® product is tested for compliance with label claims and to ensure the absence of more than 200 substances banned by many major athletic organizations, including stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agonists, and masking agents.

Key Ingredients

5-MTHF, Vitamin B, Choline, Biotin

Ingredient Amounts

Serving Size: 1 Capsule

Servings Per Container: 60 Capsules

Why B-Complex #6 (formerly Multi-B #6) ?

B vitamins are essential to energy production, red blood cell formation, detoxification, and hundreds of biochemical pathways in the body. Supplementing daily with B vitamins is essential to good health. Because the majority of B vitamins aren’t stored by the body, it’s necessary to supplement them daily.

B-Complex #6 provides a balanced formula of B vitamins plus choline, with added vitamin B6 for functional support for women and athletes. * 

How to Use

Recommended Use or Purpose: A multivitamin supplement that is a factor in the maintenance of good health. Helps to maintain cognitive functions. Helps to maintain the body's ability to metabolize nutrients. Helps in energy production. Helps in the normal function of the immune system. Recommended Dose (Adults): Take 1 capsule daily or as recommended by your health professional.


Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the security seal inside the cap is broken. Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place.


Legal Disclaimer

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