DB Matrix (90 caps)

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Poorly controlled blood glucose levels are not an uncommon occurrence in the Canadian population. This is concerning not just because of symptoms that can negatively impactquality of life, such as fatigue, cravings and weight gain, but especially because excessive blood sugars and insulin resistance can wreak havoc on many organs in the body, in particular the nervous tissue, cardiovascular system, kidneys and eyes. DB.Matrix offers a comprehensive solution for patients with poorly controlled blood sugar, related symptoms and associated complications.

Natural remedies such as chromium, Momordica charantia, Gymnema sylvestre, bilberry and zinc have all demonstrated the ability to reduce blood sugar levels and reduce hemoglobin A1c markers, indicating better long-term glucose control. These natural agents achieve enhanced blood sugar control through various mechanisms, including improved insulin receptor sensitivity and greater glucose uptake and utilization in the liver. Studies have also found that certain agents, such as Gymnema sylvestre, can allow for a reduction in oral hypoglycemic medication dosage.

When glucose has been elevated in the blood for long periods of time, organ-specific support is needed. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and zinc have not only been shown to improve blood sugar control but also to protect the nerve cells and reduce symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. DB-Matrix also includes zinc because it has been demonstrated to improve lipid parameters, while lutein, quercetin and bilberry are added to protect the eyes and improve retinopathy. Bilberry in particular has been shown to strengthen blood vessels and improve blood flow, a common concern in those with poor sugar control or metabolic syndrome.

DB-Matrix is a comprehensive formula designed to tackle many of the concerns and complications associated with uncontrolled blood sugars, metabolic syndrome and related disturbances. With a blend of standardized herbal extracts and evidence-based nutrients, DB-Matrix effectively helps to regulate blood sugar levels and support the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Available in 90 vegetable capsule bottles.

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